Duplicating a cloud server

Hi freepbx guru;
I have recently worked on the cloud server and was able to install and customize Freepbx. So on separate API, i can fetch Freepbx GUI and Meetme conference module. They are working without much glitch.
As this is a part of training, I am trying to duplicate the server onto another using the snap image of the working server. This process seemed simple enough, with all the files and settings duplicated. But the server is accessible but the gui is not up.
What am I missing? Or is it better to create a warm backup of the server from the GUI?
I believe this would be a simple mistake or changing network settings? (new ip is pointing to the new server).

I must add here; through google search, I come to believe that it has something to do with firewall due to the ip changes. I hope this is right.
Anyone can help me with more details?

You may want to explain what that is since you’ve customized things and are now asking why things don’t work.

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