Duplicate agents in queuemetrics

Hi guys,

I installed about a week ago your product queuemetrics from the freepbx plug-ins page.
All seems to work great and the reports are really useful but I always see duplicate agents, both in realtime view and historical reports!

I defined my agents in QM but in the reports (and realtime view as well) I always see an agent named, say, “Viktor” (which is correct) and anoter “Agent/viktor” agent; that’s for every agent.

I’m looking forward for an answer from you guys; sorry for my English, if something is unclear or you need screeshots or something else, let me know!

Thanks in advance.

Hi Viktor,

thanks for your interest in QueueMetrics; we’re glad you’re finding it useful. :smile:

Are you sure you installed from FreePBX? Maybe you meant Elastix; anyway, that’s not important.

As for your issue; if you use Users&Devices mode in FreePBX, the logs are written slightly differently; just add in your Agents’ configuration the duplicate name in the “Asterisk aliases” field (so, in your case “agent/viktor”).

For more details:

User manual part regarding this feature: http://manuals.loway.ch/QM_WhatsNew-chunked/ar01s02.html (2.6)

FAQ regarding this feature: http://queuemetrics.com/faq.jsp?uid=faq-091-friendly_names

Hope this helps you.
For any question we’re here to help you.

Kind Regards
Loway Team