Dual Wan No DDNS

We have an installation where we have a dual WAN using a SimpleWAn Router. The router will failover and back just fine. The SIP trunk provider is ESI and they will allow a two WAN ip connection.We run into problems when the failover is in play WITHOUT changing the external WAN ip in Asterisk SIP settings. We have been compared to the IPItomy system and the claim is that their system will work under these conditions without any intervention. I have programmed their systems and there is no settings that would indicate that they monitor the WAN. Is there any way to run a cron job to automatically run the “Detect Network Settings”???

This is a limitation of the Chan-SIP driver. When the local IP address changes, Chan-SIP doesn’t fail over. I think the PJ-SIP driver can fail over gracefully, but I may have dreamed that.

We’ve had lots of people post code that does something like this over the past year. It’s been an issue for as long as I’ve been using Asterisk.

Thanks Dave for your reply. I have a conference call with the trunk provider next week. Right now they are using IP auth, I am going to see if they offer digest auth. That might make all the difference for this guy.

Not a solution to your problem really, but when using pjsip, you are no longer limited to using one external IP for your endpoints/trunks. You can have more.
You can e.g. register trunks to your voice service providers out on one internet connection and use another internet connection for other trunks.
Provided you have different destination addresses.

Asterisk will put the correct external IP address, the one you have defined for each endpoing, in the SIP headers.

This is not possible in chan_sip, there you can only have one external IP address.