Dual registration on Polycom 401 - FreePBX and 8x8

Hi there!

I’ve set up a FreePBX server in house to handle intercom needs for our facility, and everything worked fine with registering the intercom extensions. They work and have proven very reliable.

My issue is that our main office phones are Polycom 401 models provided by 8x8 (bought and paid for by us), and I want to add a line to our FreePBX instance for using the intercom, while keeping our normal 8x8 service. I have the administrator password to the WebUI for the phones, and I’ve set up a second line with all the details for registration to our FreePBX instance, but the new line never registers with FreePBX. I’m using the same registration details that I’ve successfully used for all the intercom devices and a “bought through Amazon” Polycom (that is only registered to FreePBX as a shop emergency phone).

Is there anything I’m missing? Is it possible to have dual registration on the Polycom 401 phones and maintain our normal hosted phone service?

Thanks for any help/tips you can provide!

Yes, you haven’t posted the log of the phone trying to register with the local server. That should tell the tale.

Thanks for responding … I cleared the log and set the line up again, and this is what I’m getting. I have defined the server for the in-house line to specify my FreePBX server. It’s showing 403 Forbidden, but I know the extension is right, and I’ve even tried it with a blank secret on FreePBX and the phone.

0719093105|cfg  |5|00|Prm|Parameter up.cfgUniqueLineLabel requested type 2 but is of type 7
0719093133|so   |4|00|[SoNcasC]: appncascontext termination:1
0719093133|so   |4|00|[SoNcasC]: Case Handling termination:1
0719093133|sip  |*|00|Sip UnRegister Usr:806 Dsp:Intercom Auth:'806' Inx:1
0719093133|sip  |*|00|SipUserRemove: user 1 being removed.
0719093133|app1 |*|00|SoRegistrationEventLineChanged - success lineIndex 1 RegListSize 1
0719093133|app1 |*|00|SoRegistrationEventLast - new AppRegLineC, szUser = 806
0719093133|so   |4|00|[SoNcasC]: appncascontext termination:1
0719093133|cfg  |5|00|Prm|Parameter attendant.reg requested type 2 but is of type 0
0719093133|so   |4|00|[SoNcasC]: Case Handling termination:1
0719093133|sip  |*|00|Sip Register Usr:806 Dsp:Intercom1 Auth:'806' Inx:1
0719093133|utilm|4|00|uBLFUnCompressed: File /ffs0/Config/Local/WebTicket/0/fedContactUrl.dom 
doesn't exist or is empty
0719093133|sip  |4|00|Registration failed User: 806, Error Code:403 Forbidden
0719093133|cfg  |5|00|Prm|Parameter up.cfgUniqueLineLabel requested type 2 but is of type 7

Let me say this differently:

What does the file /var/log/asterisk/full have to say about the phone trying to log in? That’s what the 403 is coming from.

Ah, sorry. Okay, I had a tail on that log file running as I set up the line from scratch again, and there’s no entries in the FreePBX logs showing any communication from the device at all (there is no firewall in between the two, and intrusion detection has our LAN whitelisted). I guess what this tells me is that no matter what I enter as the server to use on the phone for that second line, it’s only ever attempting to register with 8x8.

I’ve tried entering FreePBX as a SIP second server as well as entering it as a manual server for that line.

Disappointing, but not entirely surprising.

I’d call 8x8 support and ask them how to do it. Be sure to ask for Tier 2 support, since the Tier 1 guy is probably going to tell you it’s impossible. We know it isn’t - these are just Polycom phones with a weird config file loaded.

Thank you very much for your help. I’m on hold with them right now, and I’ll update the thread when I get more information from them (might help someone else out down the line).

Edit: Spent an hour and a half on the line, two separate reps would not escalate to Tier 2, supervisors claim this requires “Professional Services” purchase through my sales rep. I’m going to complain to my sales rep and see where that goes. Disabling functionality on my paid-for devices is … not cool.

Edit 2: Sales, Engineering, and Tier 2 couldn’t determine a way to do it. They offered a purchase of Professional Services to perhaps develop a custom configuration file to provision into the phones, but I hit the limit of what they would help with for free. I’m just going to program a speed dial to the external number into the phones to dial our PBX from the outside in.

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