DTMF Tone Issue

Hi ,

I am new to Free PBX , but still My system is working fine everything is up to date. I am having only one Major Issue :

When I connect a call to my Voip Provder X , asterisk is unable to recognize the DTMF tone, but when I connect using the same thing to another Voip Provider Y asterisk recognizes the DTMF.
Although there is another issue , when I try to connect using provider X though VOIPBOX , DTMF is detected. This means that asterisk is not able to understand DTMF from VOIP Provider X and it is not an issue on his side.

Some Detials that you might find Handy :
Codec : G729 ( Open Source )
Country Being Called : India Only
DTMF Tone: RFC2833, auto , inband ( None Working with Asterisk + Excila)
Provider X = Excila
Provider Y = Callcentric

Asterisk + Excila : DTMF = Not Recognizing
Asterisk + Callcentric : DTMF = Works
VoipSwitch/VoipBox + Excila : DTMF = Working

Any help would be highly appreciated. I am really stuck onto this since past 2 weeks.


  • Varun