DTMF sent causes an audio response to help with Hamvoip trunk command

I would like to get an acknowledgement that *99 was sent from my voip deskphone , I can’t get support at the Hamvoip forums to make this work so I thought since I use FreePBX trunk to connect to my Hamvoip node, maybe there is a way my FreePBX raspberry will play a beep or some minor indication on my connection when ever I send *99, which is the keyup command for Hamvoip.
If you don’t ask you never will know.
Thank You

what is the nature f the trunk? PTSN can only transport 0-9 and A-D.

Maybe a ‘from-internal’ context trunk Pi to Pi, maybe SIMPLE SIP or SMS ?

i have a raspberry pi running freepbx accessible to all my ham friends via internet.
i want to use my voip desk phone extension 900 so that when i dial extension 40039 which is a trunk, iax2, between my freepbx and my hamvoip raspberry node, it connects my voip phone just fine, audio is great, i have the connection in the hamvoip software to detect a dtmf *99 from my desk phone dial pad and it puts my audio out on the repeater connected to the raspberry with hamvoip software, i send a dtmf # to un key my audio. all works fine but it is a guessing game, i can log into my hamvoip raspberry supermon browser and watch for PTT transmit and for it to drop, but it would be so much nicer to hear a little beep or cw e or a homemade really short simple voice file, I can’t get the guru on hamvoip to make a simple source code change and he won’t share the source code so only thing I could think of was to have freepbx detect a *99 from my extension and hick up or burp etc. Like i said if you don’t ask you never will know. Dave

crank up the ‘verbosity’ to 3 if needed, enable DTMF logging and pastebin a log of such a call from dial to hangup, we would see what can be gleaned from the logs.

I think I finally got the log but FreePBX Pastebin won’t let me copy from my text saved file and paste , how do i get the file to you ? wa2kjc at gmail dot com

HeHe, Sangoma/FreePBX ’ pastebin has been broken for a few weeks, they are apparently still trying to rebuild it, use an alt pastebin.

You have the DEBUG set but still no verbose log

core set verbose 3

Connected to Asterisk 13.20.0 currently running on raspbx (pid = 1075)
raspbx*CLI> core set verbose 3
Console verbose was 7 and is now 3.

Hi dicko, any luck with my logs?

Tldr turn off the debug, turn on the dtmf

I still don’t see any DTMF entries in the ‘full’ log.

Please confirm that in Settings → Asterisk Logfile Settings → Log Files, in the ‘full’ row, ‘DTMF’ column, the setting was turned On before the test call was made.

It’s called a Senior Moment, oh wait, Senior Privilege, I turned it on and guess what, full has my session dialing using my iphone app extension 910. Hope you can figure out a way for FreePBX to make a sound when it sees *99
I cleaned up the dropbox and the files there i just added from this test.

Has anyone come up with any ideas I can try ???

Since you are using a voip phone to connect to a radio repeater, this sounds like half duplex communication - maybe you can change your transmit code *99 to be a paging code instead, since paging is akin to half duplex radio.

FreePBX paging by default will play a beep to the caller to let them know it’s time to talk

the reason I use voip is because it is full duplex and great for net controls so they don’t double with anyone. I like voip on computers, deskphones, cellphone app’s, Zoiper, all are great to connect in full duplex to a hamvoip node, iaxrpt is also great on a windows laptop with a foot switch to ptt so you can be in a browser window with net logger or logged into supermon and just step on the foot switch when you want to transmit, the voip deskphone connects via a trunk in freepbx to hamvoip node and you have to send a *99 for the audio to keyup the connected node and pass audio, it has no way of letting you know you are keyed up and I can’t seem to get hamviop to make the code change to enable a simple cw E just before your audio starts transmitting from the phone connection. Oh well, never give up, we will get it someday.
Thanks for the reply

is there anyway I can add or change one of the commands in freepbx to a different number
and or point to a different response
Voicemail *97
Echo Test *43
Speak Your Extension *65
Speaking Clock *60

it would be really nice if *99 was in the choices and it played cw E
I am thinking that the *99 would also be passed through the trunk to hamvoip and this would solve my keyup *99 indication that I am asking help with

anyone ??