DTMF problem when other IVR (no voip) call me

Hi guys I got a problem,
when I receive a call from a phone using another IVR the DTMF doesn’t works and no dial tone is taken by my IVR.
With calls from mobile phones, landlines phones without ivr and voip phones everything works fine. Any idea?

I have the same problem. DTMF is not recognized and passed by IVR – neither options 1,2,3, etc. or dialing extensions work from outside. However, when dialing the IVR through an interal extention (setup by misc applications, dial * to get IVR), the DTMF works file. I suspect this is a trunk issue: http://www.freepbx.org/forum/freepbx/users/cant-dial-extension-while-in-greeting-of-ivr

no help at all?

You are NOT providing a lot of details so I’m going to assume some things. Your trunk is SIP?

When you don’t have DTMF working it means that your system and the trunk provider/carrier are out of sync on the DTMF protocol exchange. Bet if you want for the audio to stop playing then it works fine.

Please contact your carrier and ask them how they are providing DTMF to you. For SIP the choices are it can be inband, rfc2833, or auto. when you are misconfigured what you are describing happens.

Google sip dtmfmode rfc2833 for more info.

is sip yes, is eutelia trunk. I’ve put all the dtmfmodes in the trunk in the peers and users section but nothing changes.