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Since installing the system, I have had issues with DTMF for outgoing calls for either getting in a conference or dialing long distance codes. Typing it too quickly will make it loose a couple of numbers of the conference.

I currently have FreePBX with a VEGA100 to convert my PRI lines. There is a SIP trunk between the PBX and VEGA to communicate between the 2.

Reading the different posts it seems that I would need to make a modification in that trunk to be able to fix it. Is it the case ? and if yes what would I need to put in there, right now is my outgoing I only have this:

host=IP of VEGA

If not, what do I need to do to fix this issue ?


Are you saying that if your callers make a call and push the buttons too quickly in a row, the far end doesn’t hear them? What does your log of the call show the correct number of digits pressed or is that also truncated? Is it isolated to a certain phone type?

That is exactly what i’m saying.

Let’s say I try to connect to a webex conference of 9 numbers, it will tell me I have the wrong conference number and repeating it i’ll hear only 7 or 8 digits. I didn’t check the log because calling a webex conference I hear the numbers and I checked while typing that I had the good 9 numbers.

I have the same situation if I use a Cisco SPA112 that runs on the PRI that has long distance codes, wasn’t able to get it to work I had to use a standard analog line for it.

We all have Yealink T42S phones.

How about if you try to change DTMF mode?
I just mean on Yealink phones (not sure, default DTMF mode is SIP INFO) to RFC2833.

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add dtmf logging to your settings=> logfile=> console ‘file’ and watch the cli

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Added the DTMF logging, seems ok based from what I can see here’s what it shows up in the log for one of the digits. All the digits have the same log information. But when I call i’m missing one of the numbers.

DTMF begin ‘5’ received on SIP/484-0001af15
DTMF begin passthrough ‘5’ on SIP/484-0001af15
DTMF end ‘5’ received on SIP/484-0001af15, duration 100 ms
DTMF end accepted with begin ‘5’ on SIP/484-0001af15
DTMF end passthrough ‘5’ on SIP/484-0001af15

Could it be something in the VEGA ?

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