DTMF on Dahdi Channel

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I have a system with freepbx 15, asterisk 16 and a Digium TE220 pri card.
Everything go well, but I have a probem with DTMF with incoming call from mobile phone.
If I call from an extension to a mobile phone and during the call I send DTMF from mobile, on asterisk CLI, I see the DTMF. More over I see the parameter TRASNFERCAPABILITY=SPEECH on the dahdi channel.

If I call from the mobile phone (same mobile) to asterisk, then the extenion answers the call and during the call I send DTMF from mobile the DTMF doesn’t work (on asterisk CLI nothing appear and nothig on dahdi_monitor too). More over I see the parameter TRASNFERCAPABILITY=3K1AUDIO on the dahdi channel.

I think the issue is int the TRASNFERCAPABILITY. In outbound call asterisk set it on SPEECH, but in inbound calls no.

Please help me to fix the issue, I would know how set TRASNFERCAPABILITY=SPEECH for inbound call too.

Thanks in advance.

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After a long time spent on debugging I solved because the issue was from ISP

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