Dtmf not working from freepbx to avaya

Hi team,
I have Avaya and Freepbx 14 Asterisk 13
I have h.323 trunk between Avaya to Freepbx
On avaya signaling group dtmf=out-band
On yealink phones dtmf=rfc2388
When i call an extenstion from freepbx on avaya and press any key wont work if i switch the phones to dtmf=inband key cross to avaya but wont work if i call my voicemail on freepbx so i need help i dont know how clear i was let me know if i need to explain more

Thank you

Using Yealink T26P with DTMF Type set to INBAND and pjsip extension with DTMF Signaling set to In band audio, I can access both internal voicemail and external (via SIP trunk) IVR ok. I don’t have anything with H.323 but would expect it to work, based on your post.

However, if you can get it to work using RFC2833 everywhere instead, that should be more reliable.

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