DTMF Input not saving in Asterisk Database


I am trying to use Dynamic Routes for CFC exactly like is done in Lorne’s video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjTVrXrlXds&t=1508s. The problem I am running into is that the number the user inputs is not being saved to the database like it should.

This is what my dynamic route looks like, just like it is in the video.

When the user dials the extension I designated and enters a number, it doesn’t get saved in the database. (I can’t put the picture here because new users can only embed one post)

DTMF is enabled in the Dynamic Route as it should be. I am using LinPhone-4.2.5 as my softphones and everything is else is working fine. If anyone could help me out I would really appreciate it!


Welcome to the forum @sammyg

What version of the dynmaic routes module are you using? I’m not seeing the Enable Substitutions button on your screen cap


Thanks for the reply! I am using version 15.0.1 it looks like. Do I need to be on 15.0.2?

I am also getting this message “Warning: Cannot connect to online repository(s) (https://mirror.freepbx.org). Online modules are not available.” When clicking check online in the module admin.

There’s a version 15.0.3 and it’s available from the freepbx mirrors. There’s no mirror issue, so you’ll want to fix whatever is going on there.