DTMF help

I looking for some help in troubleshooting DTMF. Example of problem: A call come in through a sip/voip channel to my Asterisk. My IVR begins but when someone select any of the options or enters any of the extension #s, the system does system act on the selection. The IVR continue until it times out and hangs-up on the caller.

The DTMF was working fine until recently. No changes in the system config…

I would appericate any assistance on this problem.

Again Thanks,

Have you changed codecs recently?


Was there a resolution to this? All DTMF works fine except when IVR is implemented or phone directory. If I have the call go directly to an extension, then I can press keys to interupt the voicemail and then access vmail menu.


I am running FreePBX 2.4.0 and have the same problem. I am running codec g.729 on all phones. DTMF outgoing and voicemail works fine. But even if I try calling IVR from ext, the dtmf in IVR still does not work.

Anybody knows what the problem might be?