DTFMMODE in each DAHDi channel

i have a FreePBX system with an 8 channels FXS card installed. In one channel i connected my alarm panel.
In order to make it work, i may have to set the DTMFMODE in this channel (DAHDI/4) to “in band audio”.
In FreePBX i have no choice in Extensions menu about DTMFMODE when the extension is DAHDi. This option is only available when the extension is SIP or IAX2.
In DAHDi Configuration i have no choice to change the DTMFMODE.
I use TDM800P with 8 FXS card.
My purpose is to use the the AlarmReceiver module based on these instructions AlarmReceiver Instructions , jbonzey uses an Linksys Pap2T to connect the alarm panel with FreePBX box. I use instead one channel of my DAHDi card. But i cannot set the dtmfmode :frowning:

The DTMF mode setting in the linked instructions refers to how to configure the FreePBX/PAP2 SIP connection. Since you are not using an ATA, you can ignore that part.

Oh, thank you very much :smile: