Dropping out bound calls

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I have an HP Intel Xeon server running freepbx for an office. If the front desk makes a call and the call is ringing, and another call comes in at the same time, the out going call will drop while the incoming call connects.

How can we prevent the call from dropping?

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That is probably hardware specific behavior, did you read the manual for your phones? A know Aastra’s will do that by default.

You are correct, they are aastra phones.

Do you know if there are settings that will fix it?


Well , it’s deep in the admin manual, which is 600 odd pages and I can’t remember exactly which page I read it on. You can easily find on google though.

It also depends on how they are provisioned, I am told from high authority that both Aastra and FreePBX/Schmooze will have absolutely nothing more to do with the aastra-xml-scripts concept, no more support, not even to patch the glaring security hole in them, (which is why they were dropped :wink: ) so you are on your own if you did it that way ;-).