Dropping first digit of outbound calls

I have a freepbx setup with a tdm410p card, with 4 fxo modules installed. I have done the fxotune, adjusted gain settings, etc and have it all working nicely except for outbound calls. About 50% of the time I get a message saying either the number is disconnected (local 7 digit numbers), or that I must first dial a 1 (long distance calls). I have concluded that it is dropping the first digit because it begins dialing before the line is ready.

I am seeing that you can add a “w” to the dialplan so it will wait a short period of time before sending the digits. I tried adding the “w” to the outbound routes, but the web interface removes it.

Is there a place I can tell it to wait before dialing from within the web interface or do I need to edit a config file somewhere?

In the DAHDI trunk definition, there is a field called “Outbound Dial Prefix”, use that for the ‘w’ or ‘ww’.

I knew it was somewhere in there and that it would be fairly simple. I looked for that text field for hours. Thank you very much. All seems to be working perfectly now.