Dropped calls internal

Hello Experts,

Im having an odd issue. I updated the FreePBX modules today due to the security issue. Now the customer is dropping calls. The system is using two (2) POTS lines so this is not a SIP issue externally, however I am getting an error in the logs “lack of RTP activity in 31 seconds”. While I can find this issue in the forum it seems to be specific to the SIP channel to a provider, this is occurring internally it would seem on the LAN segment!

The phones are Grandstream’s - GXP1405’s on firmware
Running FreePBX 12.0.43
Asterisk 11.14.2

This was working great for months, but after the applied “patch” (I think it was for the CDR) and after applying the config this issue started to happen!

Any help MUCH appricated!! They are freaking out!



Additional info - this happens during calls and when they attempt to get voice mail from the system, so basically all calls!

Thanks again!