Dropbox is dead. Long live Google?

The only backup I’ve been able to make work successfully is with Dropbox. However the API token for Dropbox expires after 4 hours. I’ve read that there’s no expectation to correct this because there was “no business advantage” to do so. In other words, Sangoma couldn’t make money off of it so they aren’t interested in doing anything about it.

So… next question. Google also has an API that allows storage on Google Drives. Is there any chance someone will develop a FileStore solution in FreePBX using Google Drive instead of Dropbox?

Why not use a traditional FTP server connection from any hosting provider? I realize its not free, but still very cheap for a years worth of service.

When I’ve looked into Google drive in the past I was told I needed to run a Google Drive Adapter on the machine I wanted to connect to Google with via FTP. I don’t want to add programs that might cause me problems to my FreePBX appliance because the more I modify it, the more likely it is to break.

I used to have my own FTP server but I wanted something off premises. I already have space on two cloud services (Dropbox and Google). They’re probably the two most popular services out there but there’s not much of a connection for FreeBPX, at least not for a typical user who isn’t up on his Linux.

AWS S3 works great and it’s incredibly cheap.

But isn’t it just the same thing? I mean Dropbox, Google, Amazon, etc. are all pretty much the same thing. The only difference is that Dropbox has an integration with FreePBX but they never got a permanent security key. No one has bothered to do that with Google or Amazon.

Like I said, AWS S3 works great and it’s built into the Filestore for backups and costs pennies. The API key doesn’t expire. Perhaps I don’t understand what you’re getting at.

I also added a patch not to long ago that allows custom S3 endpoints so you can use any S3 compatible service

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OH!!! I missed the S3 tab in the Filestore. Now it makes more sense. Guess I need that Amazon account now. Thanks.

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No worries, if you need any help configuring at the S3 end feel free to ask for help.

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