Dropbox file store

Was setting up backup to Dropbox today following wiki (Filestore Module - PBX GUI - Documentation, sorry, can’t link to it being a new user) and it didn’t work initially, showing empty error message.
Figured this out and hope it will help someone else - wiki steps should be in different order:

  1. While creating Dropbox app, first thing to do is to set permissions and click “submit” button - it is very small at the bottom of the page and easily missed
  2. Once required permissions (or scopes) are set, proceed to generate new token - and you may need to set “No expiration”, I am about to test if default “Short-lived” token will break scheduled backup or not…

So, wiki needs to swap step 3 and 2 around…

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I can confirm that Dropbox token has to be set as “No expiration”.
Interestingly, if backup fails due to expired token, there is no notification email sent at all :frowning:

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