Dropbox and OAuth changes

How are people dealing with short lived tokens using dropbox backup?

As mentioned on this thread? @xptpa2020

Is anyone using the dropbox backup solution? It’s worked great up until now.

I don’t use dropbox (happy with S3), QA has just tested and confirm that integration is still working, at least initially. How long does it take for the token to expire? What happens when it does expire, is there notification of the failure in the backup email, or does it just fail silently?

So the token doesn’t last more than 1 week unfortunately. We run weekly backups. The backup fails silently. No email notification.

Sounds like you need to implement some sot of script that uses their refresh token and updates the backup, if you want to keep using this method.

Who do you use for S3 storage? We have about 20TB in our dropbox account now.

I now see that only Amazon S3 storage is supported. Expensive at $23/TB x 20 TB = $500 / month

The first 50TB are 2.3 cents/GB, which means 20TB would be $117/month.
Depending on how frequently you need to access, you could look at S3 glacier too which can get down to $18/month

I have started playing with this over the weekend and have written a way for drivers to have global settings which is kind of the first step. This allows you to set the app token and app secret for drop box. The next step is to write in the oauth stuff. Adding the button and redirect to the ui. Once the oauth stuff is in place the rest should be trivial. I am not sure what my free time looks like this month so it could be a bit. If someone wants to expand on my work I can push the branch up.


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