Driver Sirrix SRX-PCI4S0EC in current Kernel? In FreePBX? Confused! Please help!

Dear FreePBX-Community,

as a newbie I would like to start building a freepbx server with the Sirrix-Card since it offers Four ISDN-BRIs so I can attach it directly to 3-4 ISDN-DECT-Stations … very nice hardware-wise (no fussing with Cologne-HFC Cards, soldering etc).

I would like a plug and play solution as much as possible.

But is there support for Sirrix PCI4S0 (SRX-PCI4S0EC) in current Kernel? Only Kernel 2.6 is mentioned. Perhaps its obvious for most people that this means “>= 2.6”, but I would like to make sure its supported.

Since there are multiple ISDN-Subsystems (some deprecated) the situation is even more confusing for me.

Does FreePBX recognize it w/o hassle?

Are the drivers completely Open-Source?

Since Sirrix was sold to Rhode & Schwarz I did not find much information and I was unable to reach the company by phone … :frowning:

Thanks a lot in advance!

Regards, M

you have to manually compile dahid with the patch and install freepbx tar file. I think the ISO of freepbx can not find your card.

Thank you, James!

What is “dahid”? Google does not find it?

Is it an option in the kernel? Is a “make install” sufficient?

Last time I configured and compiled a kernel was 20 years ago …

I conclude that the whole driver is still maintained and open source?

Sorry for the many questions, but I am really unsure how to proceed!

Regards, M


will help.


did I understand that correctly, that dahdi-linux is the telephony-interface containing all the drivers (also for the Sirrix-Card(s)) and needs to be compiled from source.

Can this be compiled on any given distribution of today or only on debian or even only with an ancient Kernel?

I read some gruesome things about dropped ISDN-support in new kernels … which is really bad.

I do not want to buy hardware that will become obsolete by lack of support. freePBX/ asterix could become the glue that holds inhouse ISDN-Networks and SIP together. But the drivers are still needed!

Does anyone really know wether the Sirrix-card is really supported by 5.3 Kernels?

Thanks in advance!

Regards, M

A quick google reveals

Likely very old as are all thing voip-info , but this indicates that it is NOT dahdi and is in fact a propitiatory driver from the manufacturer, you would have to go to them for what kernel is supported and what asterisk versions are compatible, anything else is conjecture


I did not find that one - glad you did! I did not buy it …

“Drivers for the Sirrix card can requested by e-mail from support (at) sirrix (dot) com”

Urgs. So it is very fine hardware, but no OSS-Drivers. That sucks.
Especially since it not supported beyond kernel 2.6. And the email-address does not exist any more …

I found out, that the OSS-Driver-Support for the HFC-S “cologne” single-port cards has been dropped from the kernel.

And that is a really bad idea, since many people use this driver and I planned to do that as a fallback.

Now what is the canonical ISDN-Card for freepbx?

ISDN is phased out of public networks, but remains in many SOHO/ small business-Installations for years to come. And freepbx could be the glue to connect those to SIP.

Fun fact: I still have a full size and length ISDN-ISA-Card with an intel 80186 as the main CPU. It was made by Siemens and is packed full of DILs … No chance of finding drivers :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your kind replies.

Regards, M

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