Drive usage 99%

Does anyone know how to solve? The drive is 30GB

Call recordings, voicemail, backups, or innodb

The first three are easy to check. InnoDB less easy. here is where I had that issue.

Thanks, I think it might be a partition thing? The system is new out of the box - I dont think its utilizing all of the 30GB?

It’s using 8GB, so yeah.

found the solution!

  1. The fdisk command provides disk partitioning functions and using it with the -l switch lists information about your disk partitions. At the command prompt type fdisk -l

  2. The response should say something like Disk /dev/sda : xxGB.

  3. At the command prompt type fdisk /dev/sda. (if dev/sda is what was returned after step 10 )

  4. Type p to print the partition table and press Enter

  5. Type n to add a new partition

  6. Type p again to make it a primary partition

  7. Now you’ll be prompted to pick the first cylinder which will most likely come at the end of your last partition (ex: /dev/sda3 ends at 2610). So I chose 2611 for my first cylinder, which is also listed as the default.

  8. If you want it to take up the rest of the space available (as allocated in step 4), just choose the default value for the last cylinder.

  9. Type w to save these changes

  10. Restart the VM

  11. Log back in as root

  12. At the command prompt type fdisk -l. You’ll notice another partition is present. it is listed as sda3.

  13. You need to initialize this new partition as a physical volume so you can manipulate it later using the Logical Volume Manager (LVM).

  14. Now you’ll add the physical volume to the existing volume group using the vgextend command. First type df -h to find the name of the volume group. the name of the volume group is vg_root. Now type vgextend [volume group] /dev/sdaX. (ex: vgextend SangomaVG-root /dev/sda3)

  15. lvextend -r -l +100%FREE /dev/mapper/SangomaVG-root

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