Dracut Emergency Shell.../dev/root does not exist...dracut:/#

Attempting installation directly off a 64Gb usb with the latest stable iso ie
The PC has no hard drive.

Installation stalls with:
Starting Dracut Emergency Shell…
Warning: /dev/root does not exist…
Entering emergency mode. Exit the shell to continue…
Is this a centos 7 installation problem?

Anyway, I then tried live booting slackopuppy linux, from a separate usb then accessing the freepbx usb distro and see:
So how do I get the installation going there?
Any advice please?

The system has no hard drive. Where were you expecting it to go?

On the 64Gb USB.
Should I use a separate USB as the installation source?

No but on the system you are installing it too, either virtual or real, will need a hard drive that the installation understands

Please be more forthright on how you are installing it on what system,

Was hoping to use the 64Gb USB, as the ‘drive’. I’ve copied the distro onto this USB, but it goes into ‘emergency mode’ with a ‘dracut#’ prompt.

Could anything in the ‘kickstart’ folder be modified to overcome this?


You really need a real hard drive to do this.

If you try to install to the same device as you install media, then you will break everything, If another USB device is mounted also then good luck, it might work, but I will assure you that running Asterisk/FreePBX on a usb device will eventually (sooner than later) blow it all up.

…from too many reads & writes?

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