DPMA XML Contacts not updating


I’m using the DPMA module but whenever I’m going through resetting extensions, updating them in DPMA module through FPBX or anything, the contacts-internal-xxx.xml is not updating the details (the xml rebuilds) and retains details for the former users of extensions.

Is there any way to resolve this please?

If you are using the current most recent version of digium_phones, then the contacts-internal-* files have been removed in favor of generating a single contact xml used for all phones and smart blf xml files build on the fly (i.e .as the phone needs it). This significantly reduces “apply changes” time because individual contacts files do not need to be written out for each phone. It also was required to support the new D80 models, which use only the newer smart blf xml format instead of the older format that digium_phones was writing out.

There should be a contact-internal.xml file (singluar) which should be updated on extension changes. Any files in the format contact-internal-*.xml should be deleted automatically. If not, you may wish to remove those manually, although even if present they should not do any harm.

If you have custom phonebooks, there will be additional contact and blf files that will be updated based on changes to those phonebooks.

Thanks sgriepentrog

DPMA.so updated and refreshed details in the ‘other’ section of the extensions and problem resolved.