DPMA upgrade for 13


I’m running FreePBX

My system has been installed from the Distro.

From the Asterisk CLI, the command digium_phones shows:
Digium Phone Module for Asterisk Version 13.0_3.4.3

I ran the command yum update.
I rebooted the whole system.

Still showing the following message in my dashboard:
An outdated version of the Asterisk DPMA module was detected (v3.4.1) . Please upgrade to a supported version (v3.6.2+) to ensure uninterrupted usage of DPMA supported phones.

Digium phones can’t connect anymore.

How can I fix it?

Hi @Nucleus, I’ve split your post into its own thread.

Since no DPMA upgrade has been published for Distro 13 yet, an upgrade could not have broken anything. If DPMA is running and your phones won’t connect then you may want to open a support ticket.

Now would be an excellent time to plan a migration to a new 15 install, 13 is getting pretty old now.

Thanks for the reply @lgaetz

Yup that’s the case: DPMA is running and my Digium phones won’t connect.

Where should I open a ticket… Digium?

I’ll try to upgrade to FreePBX 15 but last time I set to do it, the upgrade scripts were failing and the system became non operational.

I spent a few hours trying to re-build it but gave it.

Is there another way than this upgrade path?

For exemple, is there a scenario where I could:

  1. backup everything from FreePBX 13
  2. make a clean Distro install of FreePBX 15
  3. restore everything?

I’ve been looking around for that but I only find references to the upgrade script that failed me :cry:


Safest way to upgrade is to setup a 15 system in parallel and restore a backup from your 13 system. FreePBX 15 now supports restore from legacy versions.

You can open a phone ticket or EPM ticket if you’re paying for it:

Does that yet imply there there will be an update published, or is it time to finally bite the bullet and upgrade the entire system?

Really it comes down to the version of Asterisk you are using, you don’t actually need to install the module via yum, digium/sangoma have updated it for various versions of Asterisk as well. If you have Asterisk 13 (which I believe FreePBX 13 supports), you could manually install the latest DPMA for Asterisk 13 which appears to have been updated (today?).



But yeah I agree that you should look at updating. Also - make sure the phones have the latest firmware installed, I had issues with a couple that wouldnt connect and a firmware update fixed them.

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