DPMA Provisioning/Troubleshooting Help

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I’m starting to deploy some Digium phones and have really only worked with Sangoma phones in the past so this is a bit new to me but i’m running into some issues and can’t really find much info on troubleshooting so I was hoping someone could lend a hand.

I have FreePBX 15 instance running with Asterisk 16.15.1, and DPMA version 3.6.2. The endpoints i’m trying to provision are Digium D62s and are receiving an HTTPS provisioning address via DHCP option 66 which is being received by the phone and I do see the deice pulling down a config file but right after that is received the phone drops into a stock display with no SIP or device configuration from the associated template even though I do see it requesting config from the PBX.

In troubleshooting I found that I can enable the “debug on startup” mode and when doing so the device shows me all of the extensions on the PBX and I can select one from that screen and it downloads all necessary config and comes up just fine, but if I try to factory reset the device or if it even just reboots for any reason it reverts back to stock config without any provisioning.

Is there some type of log file I can access that might provide some more information as to what I might be looking for here? I assume that if I can run debug and it’s receiving an extension list that DPMA must be working right?

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UPDATE: After continuing to dig through dependencies, I decided to try disabling DPMA within endpoint manager. I went over and changed “Use DPMA” to no and applied config, afterwards I changed it back to yes and again applied config and it seems after it reactivated and generated new DPMA configs everything is now working as expected.

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