DPMA phones failure

I upgraded a v14 system from Asterisk 13 to Asterisk 16 (including the DPMA module). Since this happened, I cannot get the Digium phones to work through DPMA any more. All handsets show invalid global configuration password, if you proceed past this and enter the extension you get an invalid proxy warning.

The PBX never had a global configuration password, and even testing with and without doesn’t work. I’ve worked with Digium for a few hours as well and even tried with an enabled EPM DPMA, this didn’t work either.

So tonight, I’ve rebuilt the PBX using a backup from the old system - guess what, same issue!

To completely rebuild the PBX by hand is going to be exceptionally time consuming. It was working before I upgraded it to Asterisk 16. I’ve also completely removed DPMA including configs and manually installed the module from Digium to no avail.

I’m at a complete loss of where to go here, any suggestions?

OK, after a while working on this, the problem is EPM. EPM is overwriting the DPMA module settings despite the fact that DPMA provisioning in EPM is disabled.

If I disable the EPM module, DPMA works perfectly. If enabled, it wrecks it.

Two things.

Have you updated EPM and Digium Phone Module to the latest edge versions?

Do you maybe have a template in EPM setup for Digium phones. If so remove the template if your using the Digium Phone module. Only 1 of the two can be used for Digium Phones at the same time.

System is in edge mode. fwconsole ma updateall has been ran and shows nothing new coming down for either. DPMA edge and stable shows the same.

I only use EPM for Aastra, although when I was on the phone with Digium we tested with a Digium template, this has been removed as it didn’t work.

@tonyclewis - Tony, it appears to be a remnant within EPM. Despite no Digium templates being in place, it was overwriting the conf files in /etc/asterisk as if it was. I’ve uninstalled and removed EPM, then reinstalled it. Of course, there’s absolutely zero in the config now, but the EPM is not overwriting.

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