DPMA Parking

Using D62/D65 phones with DPMA enabled, am I supposed to have to define two separate buttons for parking a call and for accessing parked calls? Defining “App-Parking” to a horizontal soft key will open a “Parked Calls” app that shows parked calls. At the bottom of this app where the horizontal keys are, there is only one button defined for refresh. No option to park a call in this app. If I define “Park” to a separate horizontal soft key, it will allow me to park a call. It will show “Caller is now parked at nnn Please call nnn to retrieve this call”. On this app, the only horizontal soft key shown is one for “Show”, which opens the “Parked Calls” app.

Is there not a way to have a single button for parking? I seem to remember it being this way before we started using the DPMA apps. Is there any way to bypass the “Caller is now parked at…” notice? My users aren’t used to seeing that, they’re just used to using the app park and unpark calls.


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