DPMA not showing endpoint information

Setting up new server and DPMA (Connectivity → Digium Phones) is not showing endpoint information (IP Address, MAC, Presence). I am able to reconfigure the phones from there, however.

Modules res_digium_phone.so and res_pjsip_pidf_digium_body_supplement.so are loaded and DPMA is licensed.

Also seeing these entries in the asterisk console, I’m assuming it just DPMA making calls to the endpoints to gather information(???)
– Updating DPMA user ‘1112’ uri=‘pjsip:X.X.X.X:5060;transport=’ ua=‘Digium D40 2_9_9’
– Updating DPMA user ‘1111’ uri=‘pjsip:X.X.X.X:5060;transport=’ ua=‘Digium D70 2_9_9’

Any help is appreciated.

Any suggestions on why end device information isn’t populating?

Can anyone help with this?

You use pjsip right? Currently, the info in the Digium phone config module, you will only see, if you switch to a sip extension (chan_sip). PJSIP is not 100% supported yet…

Thanks for the update. Would prefer to stick with PJSIP.

No problem…but you wont see the MAC or the status of your Digiums :wink:

Ha, of course :grinning: I was unable to find any information about DPMA and using PJSIP. Having the web interface does make it easier to see end device information, but I am still able to MAC and IP from the asterisk console. Not sure if I’m able to get the phone status from there as well.

The phone (presence) status works, but you cannot see it in the Digium phones config module, when you use a pjsip extension.

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