Dpma_endpoint It is shown, but not used

Hello good morning, I have installed Freepbx 17 and in Asterisk Info shows how in the image, but I do not work with DPMA_ENDOINT.
Any idea how to eliminate it?

Hi @selecter Please unload the dpma asterisk module.

Ref- [bug]: There is an unfamiliar user on the Asterisk Rest Interface. · Issue #61 · FreePBX/issue-tracker · GitHub

Forgive my ignorance, but how do I install it? In the Modules section it does not come out

In addition I do not use Digium phones, only use Cisco, and when installing it asks me for license
When installing:

root@pbx17:~# /root/register

Digium Product Registration - Version 4.0.1
Copyright (C) 2004-2007, Digium, Inc.
Use the '-l' option to see license information for software
included in this program.

Please select a category

1 - Digium Products
2 - Cepstral Products

0 - Quit

Your Choice: 1
You selected 1, Digium Products
Please select a product

1 - Asterisk Business Edition
2 - Asterisk Business Edition C Expansion
3 - Asterisk For Smart Cube
4 - Asterisk For Smart Cube Expansion
5 - G.729 Codec
6 - High Performance Echo Can
7 - Skype For Asterisk
8 - Fax for Asterisk
9 - Free Fax for Asterisk
10 - Vestec Speech Engine
11 - Digium Phone Module for Asterisk

0 - Quit

Your Choice: 11
You selected 11, Digium Phone Module for Asterisk
Please enter your Key-ID:

Good, in endpoint manager I have disabled use dpma, because by default I was enabled

But one continues to be discharged ID c78a661c-c4b0-4b61-b909-7e490dc5dfd8

How did you disable?