DPMA, Digium phones and Phone books


What I’m trying to do may not be possible. What I’d like to do is have my “unused line keys” showing three internal numbers. And then the rapid dial sidecar showing some external numbers.
Is it possible to do this using a combination of two phone books? So far I haven’t found out what combination of settings would allow this. You can assign two (or more) phone books to a phone, but I guess this is just for accessing via the Contacts menu, rather than rapid dial keys.

I only have five extensions so I can manually cobble together a Frankenstein’s monster of internal and external numbers into one phonebook for each phone - but how would big organisations manage this? Maybe they’d just leave the unused line keys blank…? Seems a waste.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Ah. Just spotted an unanswered question asking the exact same thing. Looks like not possible.

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