Downloading ZULU VOIP Client and Sangoma support

I tried to download ZULU voip client but I can’t login to the Sangoma portal
and I am receiving an error message saying that I should contact technical support.
To what email address should I write?

You can download Zulu from the following links (no login required) Instructions:


If you are trying to login to the portal to purchase a paid or trial license you can do so here:

If you are getting an error about being asked to contact customer service, it is likely you have not registered for a portal account (it is a different login than the forums.)

So either follow the forgot password link, or register a new account.

Thank you!
I have just installed ZULU and was wondering what extension type is the recommended for it.
BTW I also noticed that ZULU requires a PBX username why is this?

The extension type is unimportant. You need to enable Zulu for the User Management user as shown toward the bottom of this wiki page: