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Can a system recording be downloaded? I don’t see a way to. I have a customer that frequently asks to have their lengthy directory prompt re-recorded. Last week I recorded the directory as a message in my voicemail box and downloaded that, renamed it accordingly. Uploaded it to the system recording. Today already the customer asked for a change, a name/dept/ext. to be removed. I used an audio editor to remove the phrase and uploaded it. Saved a lot of time since I’m particular with how the recording sounds and usually need a few takes. If someone is added, I’ll record that information as a message, download it and insert it into the file and upload it.

System recordings can be downloaded from /var/lib/asterisk/sounds.

System Recording are available for those using ‘en’ as your language at

ls /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/custom/

(I don’t think you can download them through the GUI though, scp or rsync are your friends)

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Ok thanks - was going to ask where they could be found.

It should be noted that although that is the location opf your ‘custom recordings’ , adding files arbitrarily there will not cause them to be apparent in the GUI. Re-referencing the pointed to file name will however be effective.

Probably then best to add them back in via the GUI. Still, saves a lot of time. I used a basic free editor.

You don’t need to ‘add them back’, you can just replace the apropos ‘named recording’ with your updated one , (no GUI needed) , if you have previously ‘saved’ a system recording called topmenu.wav, then

cp /wherever/I/processed/it/mynewrecording.wav /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/custom/topmenu.wav

is all you need to do

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Something that seems to bite me from time to time is also making sure of ownership/permissions on the file(s) as well.


Noted - thanks.

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