Download module failed

My Freepbx is set to auto download and upgrade new modules and system updates. But it seems that it fails. FreePBX can access the internet fine. It receives and makes calls without issues. However, upgrades seems to fail. If I manually upgrade them, it is fine too. It’s just the automatic part that seems to be stuck.

here’s the error message that I get

This is an automatic notification from your FreePBX (VoIP Server) server.

Module(s) requiring upgrades: backup, certman, cidlookup, firewall

Upgrading module ‘backup’ from to

Downloading module ‘backup’ failed after 20 seconds!

The following error(s) occured:

  • Unable to connect to servers from URLs provided:,

The automatic upgrade was aborted, and will be automatically retried in the

future. You can manually re-run the upgrade with ‘fwconsole ma installall’

after resolving the error.

I wasn’t paying a lot of attention when it went by last week, but I seem to recall someone else pointing out that “mirror1” and “mirror2” were now just “mirror” and that they pointers needed to be adjusted in the Advanced Settings page.

I think? The search function should bring it up pretty quickly.

The command has two requests separated by a ‘,’. So when I copy and paste just the single HTTP request, the module gets downloaded. When I manually updated it by using the CLI, it also downloads and upgrades with out any issue. Therefore, I suppose that it’s the combined request separated by a ‘,’ that’s causing the issue. a bug?

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