Download button unusable because of network ad filtering

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(Jared Busch) #1

I know that Sangoma wants to get info from people. So does the company I work for. It is all part of the marketing dance allowing companies to say that an unsolicited email is from an existing relationship, and thus not spam.

But you make it harder for yourselves when the download button pops up a form that is killed by pretty much any quality ad blocking solution. Obviously, not many people use these, or work around it since it was mentioned that downloads are setting records. It still is annoying though.

It was mentioned in this thread (OP’s issue was unrelated).

Basically when you click on the download button on the homepage, or on the downloads page it pops up some spam me now form, and then begins the download.

But if the spam me now form is blocked, the download never starts.

You just see a pop up with a big blank right half where the form is supposed to exist.

If the potential downloader was on the main page, they have only the option to click on the downloads menu option at the top. Where there will again see a big download button that does the same thing.

But at least from the downloads page, there is the view all versions which lets you see the direct ISO link.


That is not a result of Ad filtering, but a result of outright blocking IP addresses at the firewall. I know a guy who does mass blocking of IP addresses all the time, and many times ends up even blocking Sangoma and FreePBX stuff.

I have PiHole running, and it has never blocked any Sangoma stuff before.