Downgrade Asterisk Version using Yum

So, I am in the fun situation of needing to use Asterisk 11 but we upgraded to FreePBX 14 for our new phone server.

So, that being said, in my distro, the options for ‘asterisk-version-switch’ are

Press 1 for Asterisk 13 (LTS) (With Opus and G729 codecs)
Press 2 for Asterisk 15 (With Opus and G729 codecs)
Press 3 for Asterisk 16 (LTS) (With Opus and G729 codecs)
Press 4 for Asterisk 13 Certified (LTS) (With Opus and G729 codecs)

From reading, it appears that freepbx 14 does support Asterisk 11 (as the minimum).

I believe I can downgrade using the cmd ‘yum downgrade asterisk11’. My question is, what else needs to happen for this to be successful?


I would say FreePBX 13 is also needed.

I am sure you will be fine still using Asterisk 13

What is it that forces you to use Asterisk 11? Maybe we can help you achieve what you want with Asterisk 16…

So, I did manage to do it but not with yum.

An older version of SNG7/FreePBX 14 (1710 release) does provide out of the box support for Asterisk 11 using asterisk-version-switch.

The reason for having to stick with 11 is to use our CTI/CRM integration for Salesforce. We are currently using a company called Tenfold (formerly Callinize). They only integrate/support with Asterisk 11 AMI event streams. The Asterisk 13 AMI event stream caused heaps of problems (duplicate calls, triplicate calls).

I will happily drop them if there is some other vendors out there. I’m not terribly pleased with their support, but having something that “just works” (kind of), is where we are at right now.

I know FreePBX now has a paid module for CTI/CRM integration, maybe we will start experimenting with that.

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