Double Voicemail Greetings

I’m using a System I inherited from someone else and not sure how it was originally configured, but we have a reception phone (extension 10) which has been setup with a NIGHT / DAY shortcut *280 which makes the phone stop ringing at night and go directly to a NIGHT greeting.

My issue is that I cannot seem to find which extension that NIGHT greeting is associated with. I can’t find it under extensions 10’s web interface or when I dial *97, and if I add another greeting it simply plays it AFTER the previous NIGHT greeting.

I’d love to get some help figuring out how to locate that NIGHT greeting extension

Seems like it’s under ANNOUNCEMENTS,
and also Call Flow Control, but how do I actually edit the WAV file for the announcement

I managed to figure it out, thought I’d post a simple explanation for others who are having a similar issue:

The Voicemail Greeting for NIGHT MODE on the front desk is managed through the FreePBX Web Interface. To access it you must open a web browser and go to your server’s IP from any computer connected to our internal office network and login to the ADMIN site.

:crescent_moon: NIGHT MODE

Night mode is configured through a function called Call Flow Control (found under Applications) which allows you to set up quick numerical shortcuts for a variety of functions. In this case we setup *280 to trigger an Announcement. This announcement uses recordings that can be access / removed / replaced through ADMIN - SYSTEM RECORDINGS

You can upload additional WAV files that you’ve recorded to the list but make sure to remove the ones you don’t want to use anymore. When you’re finished add a description for the greeting’s title and hit SUBMIT, then APPLY on the top.

If you access the voicemail on the Front Desk phone (extension 10) by dialing *97 you can ADD another temporary voicemail greeting that will FOLLOW the System Recording announcement. This is handy in case of emergencies.

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