Double ring on outgoing calls

I have a weird problem in that some outgoing calls you can hear two rings while waiting on the callee to answer.

I think one is the handset and the other is Asterisk, or one is Asterisk and the other is the actual ringing of the callee.

It happens on about 80% of outgoing calls. It actually might be all calls as the first two rings are very closely sync’d, its only at the third that you can distinctly hear two different ringing tones.

I disabled MOH for the outgoing trunk, but that didn’t help.

I am betting there is a tick box somewhere, but I can’t find it.

i’m having the same issue. FreePBX 6.12.65-24.

Ok, I have taken the ‘r’ off the setting ‘Asterisk Dial Options’ (under ‘Advanced Settings’), so far no double ringback. Will keep monitoring it though.

My Google-fu is getting fine tuned with all this Asterisk stuff!