Double deloyment?

I’m new to PBXact and installed for the first time a PBXact 25.

During installation the software prompted to move the deployment form the distributor to my account, and I confirmed. After installation I dscover error in all modules depending on a license.
When I checked in the deployment list on Sangoma dot com I find out I’ve now two deployments: the original from the distributor (including the licenses) and a new one. My PBXact is bound to the new one.
I thought to simply reinstall the software and bound to the right deployment but on the documentation wiki there is no reinstall for the ABXact 25 and unfortunately there is no USB dongle in the box.

How do I bound the device to the right delpoyment?

Thanks, but already found that one :wink:
In fact I don’t want to move it because it’s not activated at all. There is no such button either. On license depending pages (e.g. Module Admin or Updates) I get a no license error, a nd a lot of (linux?) error lines.

Removed the license keys manually (actually renamed them) and booted the system. No change: no activation button shoewd. Only an error page “This system is not licensed for OEM branding”
How to reinstall the software?

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