Doorphone access solution


I would like to know if the Sangoma S series phones are supporting access solution with the Grandstream GDS3710 for example or similar products.

Are they able to unlock the door using a dtmf code or a button like Grandstream phones do ?

DTMF? Yes these phones send DTMF, so if your doorbell listens for DTMF it’ll unlock.

Regarding the button on the Grandstream Phone. Do you know what it calls?

Just completed setting up FreePBX including a GDS3710 door opener.
The button on the GS phones is programmed with the DTMF code. Same in the GS Wave app where it is under custom Settings / GDS settings. Password is the PIN code as entered under Remote PIN in the GDS3710.

So the sangoma phones can just send DTMF tones to unlock the door without any configuration on their interface ?

No w for the question you 've asked,
yes you can program an extension to be called, which can be a phone or a ring group, every time someone presses the doorbell button

Once you answer the call? Any phone can send DTMF when pressing the keys.

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