Door Strike or Intercom with freepbx

I would like to know if there is any update info on configuring a door strike with freePBX.

What info do you want an update on?
What technology does your ‘door-strike’ implement?
What efforts have you made so far ?

Something like these?

Then accept their tutelage, there is nothing more than generic acceptance of clients in FreePBX


What I meant was, I haven’t see any for of how to’s on this topic. and was looking for any new information.

No new info, just consider them as any other extension,

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I use my FreePBX with multiple different access control devices… video intercom, voice entry systems, etc… you are simply setting up a PJSIP extension in FreePBX and thats the extent of your setup… a lot of them also only have a pots connection…so your programming an edtension in a FXS then connecting your pots line from your entry system to the FXS…

Grandstream has some good units; can be set up to take a code from the phone to open the related door. I just set up 2 recently (gds3702 I think?) for door intercom. These both replaced “old” POTS style that I had set up with ATAs.

Thanks everyone, I’ll give the above advise.

how does trigger the door opening?

The Video Intercoms and Door Stations/EntraGuard systems have NO/NC contacts… Connect to your access control system for contact closure and when the person presses any number (typically 9) on their phone, triggers contact closure and the door opens…

On the video intercoms… The Indoor Station has an unlock button, so when someone presses the call button at the Door Station, it rings the Indoor Station or a smart phone, you answer and initiate a 2 way call with Video and if I want to let you in, I press Unlock and again, contact closure, door unlocks…

Door Strikes/Mag-Locks are part of your access control system…not an VOIP system. But you can have your VOIP systems integrate with your Access Control systems as noted above…

thank, so I got a Grandstream GDS3712 door phone, but I cannot find any docs now how to get the phones to accept the call and press that 9 button. I’m looking for configurations info.

It seems to me that you either connect it directly to their proprietary indoor station, or you key the same PIN as someone would use from the outside, and then a #, from any phone to which it caonnects. That’s on a very fast skim of the document.

That might not be how the Grandstream functions… Im not familiar with that unit so I could be wrong. My Door Stations dont work that way. My Door Stations (Hikvision) works with the Hikvision Indoor Station. When someone presses the call button on the Door Station, it rings the indoor station and you can answer on the indoor station which then initiates 2 Way Audio and Video on the Indoor Station and if you desire, press the Lock button and it unlocks the door (initiates Contact closure or Open depending on if you are wired up to NO or NC contacts… I see this Grandstream has both NO/NC contacts which is what you are looking for) You need to connect the NO/NC contacts on the door station to your existing access control system Exit Button, Electronic Strike, MagLock, etc…

If you are connecting a strike, you need to connect COM2 and either NC2 or NO2 (depends on whether the strike fails to open or locked), AND, you need to connect a diode, to protect the contacts from arcing. See:

and following sections. Whilst I’m sure defcomlic realises you have to connect the common wire, if the OP needs to be told how to connect a strike, they might connect to NC1 and NC2, which should never have a circuit between them.

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I suggest you use the Algo 8028 it has a separate box you mount on the secure side of the door to control the strike and communicate with the PBX. We have installed a lot of these and they are rock solid and work flawlessly with FreePBX

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