Door phone integration - advice needed


I would appreciate your advice in order to accomplish the following scenario;

I am about to integrate an Akuvox R20a Door Phone into our FreePBX base PBX system. This type of door phone registers as a regular extension and allows for configuring an extension to call when the door button is pressed. I’ve set it up with a ring group, tested it, works like a charm.

However, when we are present and the door button is pressed, I’d like to play an announcement first and then transfer the call to a ring group. When we are not present, I’d like to play a different announcement and then transfer to call to an alternative destination.

How do you guys advice to configure such a scenario?

Thanks in advance,

Branching call flow based on a condition is what Dynamic Routes does. How does the system know if anyone is present or not?

Not by any other means than a Call Flow Control for instance.

Misc application -> CF ctrl -> Announcement -> etc…

Program the phone to dial the misc app.

Excellent Lorne, thank you very much! I’ll have a look at it.

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you could also likely skip the ring group.

have the doorphone call a Queue

have the queue play a pre-call announcement

then have it ringall for the members of the queue.
this would also allow your people to sign in/out of the door queue if you wanted to, so that:
a) a manager can “Cover” the door during their employee’s lunch
b) vacation? your phone doesn’t ring every time the doorbell gets pressed.

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