Door Opener

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I’m new with the FreePBX,
could you please guide me How to configure the telephone to open the door?

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This part depends. Are you going to have an intercom at that door? Do you already have a phone at that door?

The more expensive option is to have a doorphone that produces a ring when the button is pressed, and will accept dtmf to open the door. You connect that to a FXO port and have it autodial you. Then after you talk to them you press the dtmf codes required to make it hit the relay and open the door. You will bare minimum need something like a phone controlled relay so that you can call it and hit the tones to activate the relay.

That is exactly the case I do have an intercom at the door when somebody hit the “call” button at the intercom I can hear it rings but it doesn’t show at the telephone inside. on the other hand from the telephone the ext. *80 brings me an error 484.
Any help will be apriceated.
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Texas - he needs an FXS port not an FXO.

elibd, can you slow down and tell us exactly what you have and how it is configured? *80 is an internal intercom code. The format is *80extnum

I am now assuming you have a legacy analog doorphone connected to an ATA ?

Hi everybody,

I am new to free pbx. I installed AsteriskNow 2.0 which has CentOS 5.8, Asterisk

and Free pbx embedded in it. after the whole installation, I was prompted to

point my web browser to the outcome of this is the web page

where i av two links:

 VoiceMail & Recordings (ARI)

 FreePBX Administration

I clicked on FreePBX Administration…and i was prompted this:

To get started, please enter your credentials

so i am having problem logging in, please help me out

Ajayialex -

Please do not hijack other posts. This post is about door openers.

Also, we do not put out AsteriskNow or support it. It uses an older, end of life version of FreePBX.

However I suggest you Google your Asterisknow question or ask in their forums.

If you have a specific FreePBX question please come back and post a new thread.

I also suggest you consider using the official FreePBX distro as it is supported by the same team as FreePBX. You can download it from the downloads link.

hey SkykingOH-

am sorry for hijackin this post, i was too conscious of getting a reply to my

problem for me not to even check well. deeply and sincerely sorry

Ok here is what I have: on the outside door an ITS Pancode which connects to Crystalclear ip PBX that runs the FreePBX, The telephone handsets are Grandstream.
The door is configured to Extension 205 & The Feature Codes>Paging and Intercom>Intercom prefix configured to *80 Enabled.
I guess I’m missing some configuration on the admin panel to establish the communication with those 3 devices (Intercome,PBX,Telephone).
Everything else with the PBX is working just fine except this feature.

I don’t understand what you mean by “establish the communication”?

You know that is an incredibly old version of FreePBX. You can install real FreePBX then the Tikal enhancements.

when pressing the “call” button outside on the intercom I can hear it dailing 3 tone but it doesn’t reflect on the phones inside, Any idea why?

I don’t know if it even connected to the FreePBX server. You have not told me what kind of port it is using and if it is wired properly.

I’m pretty sure it wired correctly because it worked before.
Somebody changed the admin configuration since then it doesn’t work.
Could you refer me to an installation guide of this feature?

It’s not a feature and how to program it is a function of the hardware it is connected to.

Unless it is a SIP door opener, and you would know that if the opener had an IP address and an Ethernet cable, it will have some type of analog interface. The type of interface dictates the configuration.

Most door openers simply come off hook when the button is pressed. Custom dial plan code can create PLAR capability.