Don't send email to user when selecting "New User" under User Manager Settings

When I add a new extension and select “create new user” under the “user manager settings”, and put an email in the enabled voice mail section, when hitting submit, the user receives a notification email, that his UCP account was created.

Is there a way to turn this email notification off?

Just turn it off in “user manager settings”. Go to Settings -> Email settings and set “Send Email on External New User Creation” to NO.

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Thanks, but I can’t find the path Settings -> Email settings.
There is no “Email settings” option.
What am I missing?

FreePBX distro 6.12.65

Anyways that’s FreePBX 12
I am running version 10.13.66-6 with FreePBX 13. In that version, when you open user manager you have 3 tabs with global parameters, “Users, Groups, Settings”. You click on settings and uncheck the email checkbox.

Ok. Looks like that’s available only in FreePBX 13.