Don't know even the 101 on Free PBX Senior trying to catch up to this world

Hello I was working

Years ago I was in the Gold Coin Business and my Employer paid me with a phone system and I Thought I would use it some day. Well Thanks to Covid I lost my job and had to try something different. So I don’t have a clue on what I need or if I need anything. I bought another dongle and it was not like my last that was three times the size and broke easy. It was like driving a car on the road and now they are flying. So if there is someone with patience and not too costly I could sure use the help. Thanks in advance.

What type of help are you wanting? Are you wanting to setup a new phone system for your own business or personal use? Are you wanting to get into the VoIP industry deploying phone systems?

I would recommend you to get training, of you can’t afford that, watch Crosstalk Solution’s FreePBX 101 on YouTube. The community is here to help but you gotta have some basic knowledge.

Also, has literally everything, from getting started to troubleshooting guides.

Yes a new set-up working from home making calls

right now with being out of work so long I can’t afford PBX prof Support right now

As mentioned, you can watch very useful info on Crosstalk’s Channel

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