Don't Apply Configuration Changes

I’m running FreePBX and I was experimenting with the Day/Night Mode. I created two Day/Night Codes that I didn’t name, and one that I did name. The two un-named codes don’t show up anywhere in the interface, and the one named code does show up. I don’t want the first two codes to be active since I can’t edit them through the web interface.

I haven’t pushed the “Apply Configuration Changes” button, and I just want to undo the changes without applying them. Is there any easy way to remove these changes without applying them?

I was able to undo the changes by deleting the named Day Night Control through the FreePBX interface. I then clicked “Apply Configuration Changes,” but still had the two un-named Day/Night Controls that I couldn’t access through the UI to deal with. I uninstalled and reinstalled the Day/Night control module and that deleted these two controls.

Problem solved.