Domain account to login softphone

Hi everyone, I would like to know is it possible use a domain account to login softphone such as X-Lite, Jitsi…etc with FreePBX?
I want reduce account number of user to remember and I don’t need setup password on FreePBX for each sip account (Extension).
I have integrated MS AD in FreePBX already, and user can use domain account to login FreePBX GUI.
In the meantime, I setup the phone number on phone fields in domain account, Option “Create Missing Extensions” was select “PJSIP” in FreePBX, when I run sync, the user account and sip account will bind together.
But I cannot use domain account to login softphone, it just accept Extension number to login.
Have I missing in configuration or need some plugs/applications to do it?

As far as I understand, X-lite asks you for SIP credentials, you need a softphone that supports logging in with a username/password and pulls the SIP credentials from a provisioning portal etc.
You might want to look at Bria Stretto to see if they support AD sync

Zulu allows users to login using the User Management credentials.

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Thank you for your reply.
Bria Stretto seem not a free softphone.
I want looking for some free solution for my request.

There’s a free trial for Zulu

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