Does PBXact 100 supports Digium A8B analog Card - 8 Port FXO PCI Express

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I have installed FreePBX and Digium A8B analog Card- 8 Port FXO PCI Express on a Dell PC and it’s workign fine, but i am wondering if it is possible the same card type to install and use if i buy Sangoma PBXact 100 ?, does anybody did it before or just need to buy sangoma card with PBXact products?
I read on this post about supported cards from FreePBX but I am not sure about PBXact?

If you don’t get an answer here, try calling sales, they should be able to answer that question.

Yes it will work. Sangoma uses the same hardware for their servers for FreePBX and PBXact.


so you think they use digium card instead of sangoma analog cards or you meant something else with the “they use same hardware for PBXact”?

I meant that you can use a Sangoma or Digium PCIe card in the Sangoma FreePBX and PBXact servers. There is no difference in the physical hardware between a Sangoma FreePBX phone system 100 and a Sangoma PBXact system 100.

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Thnx a lot @markham231 @PitzKey

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