Does not update the CALLERID(num) on transfer - post upgrade asterisk 16

Hi all and thanks for your attention.
I am working with CentOS 7.9 with Asterisk 16.15 we are using chan_sip.

After updating Asterisk from version 11.19 to 16.15 we have noticed problems on call transfer.

Our changes to CALLERID(num) are not propagated correctly.
The last person who receives the call does not see the CALLERID(num) we modified but displays the PBX number.

In general we use the CALLERID(num) function to set the number and we go out on the public network with an ISDN PRI

Are you aware of any issues on asterisk 16.15 related to the CALLERID(num) on the receiver of the call?

Do you have any suggestion about this?


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