Does FreePBX use PHP?

I apologize if this is a stoopid question.

PHP is installed on my CentOS 4.4 ServerCD system and when I do up2date --list | grep php I see:
php 4.3.9 3.22.3 i386
php-gd 4.3.9 3.22.3 i386
php-ldap 4.3.9 3.22.3 i386
php-mbstring 4.3.9 3.22.3 i386
php-mysql 4.3.9 3.22.3 i386
php-pear 4.3.9 3.22.3 i386

So, there are newer PHP versions available and I would like to upgrade. However, if FreePBX uses PHP and the upgrade might break FreePBX, I’ll leave well enough alone.

Does FreePBX make use of PHP? Should the upgrade cause FreePBX any problems? Finally (this is OT, but what the hell), how can I tell which version of PHP is currently installed?

Thanks for humoring a newbie…



I was notified of your post about 30 minutes AFTER I upgraded PHP. Doh!

The upgrade did break FreePBX as I was no longer able to login. Error_log showed a permission denied on the session start() function, so it was easy to fix.

I just did chown 4777 /var/lib/php/session and that cleared it up. I may find more problems later, but it looks like FreePBX is working OK and error_log doesn’t show anything further.

Unfortunately, I don’t know of an easy way to “downgrade” PHP back to what it was.

Thanks for you response!


I accidentally answered my own questions when I discovered the PHP Info module in my FreePBX 2.2.0. I see that:

  1. FreePBX DOES use PHP.

  2. PHP Info will display the install PHP version - mine is 4.3.9.


do not update YET… some folks have issues when they do…