Does external call forwardings reduce the number of parallel calls?

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I have a question regarding call forwarding. We have a SIP trunk with 10 outbound channels. I would like to know what happens when a user forwards their calls (via their user dashboard) to an external number. Does it reduce the number of our parallel outbound calls by one? Or it would only occupy one outbound channel when a real call forwarding to that external number happens?

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It occupies an outbound channel in that case.

Thanks for your quick reply Joshua. However as a newbie I would need a bit more clarification!

It occupies an outbound channel in that case.

You mean from the time a user sets up such a call forwarding onward, a channel will be occupied? i.e. if 10 users set up call forwarding nobody else would be able to make external calls. Is my understanding correct?


The outbound call is used when the call forwarding occurs, not when it is set up. So if there are no active calls to the user then no outbound call is used.

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Thank you Joshua!

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